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Global Office Machines

DesignJet Repair

For ‘Same Day’ On-Site
DesignJet Repair
Call:  1300 882 852


(4-6 Hour Response Time for Commercial HP Laser Printers, Plotters, Photocopiers and Multifunction Machines)


Do you require a DesignJet repair?


Call Global Office Machines now on  1300 882 852. Global Office Machines are the leaders in the industry with 15 years of experience performing many DesignJet repairs. With professional technicians who are highly trained and experienced on all plotters, you know you are getting quality and reputable repairs performed on your DesignJet. Here at Global Office Machines we have a response time of 4-6 hours for all early bird callers! So, we will be ‘onsite’ to perform your DesignJet repair the same day as your call. Of course not all companies are early bird callers so, our team will still do their utmost best to have one of our highly trained technicians ‘onsite’ the same day, if not the next working business day.



Worried about fixed contractual costs?


All of Global Office Machines customers are set up on a non-contractual basis, meaning the priority is left to the customer. All DesignJet repair are performed when the customer detects the problem and is comfortable booking in the repair. Here at Global Office Machines we do not have any hidden costs, monthly costs nor yearly costs! There is no reason why there would be a need for any cost on a term basis. A DesignJet may not need a repair for months or even years so why should you still have to continue to pay? Global Office Machines have excellent rates for DesignJet repair, so call one of our friendly customer service team members today to book in your service on  1300 882 852.



Ever wondered how serious your DesignJet repair is?


All of the DesignJet repair issues detected need to be looked at immediately, as many repairs left for another time can cause a larger problem than the initial one and often come at a much higher cost! With Global Office Machines you won’t be paying excessive amounts for DesignJet repair issues as we understand the investment your company made into the plotter, so there is no reason why you should continue to pay large costs. With 95% chance your DesignJet repair will be fixed on the first call out, you have nothing to be worried about. With a warranty guarantee and reputable technicians on the job, there is no reason why you shouldn’t call Global Office Machines on  1300 882 852.


Global Office Machines know that the plotter can at most times be the companies workhorse, often working to meet deadlines and at peak performance which is why we will not leave you waiting or have a technician who doesn’t know how to perform all repairs. Our customer service team are equipped with the best technology to help you with any printing needs or to book in your DesignJet repair. Call  1300 882 852 today!



I don’t have time to drop off my printer, can you come to me?

Global Office Machines is a dedicated on road company! We have multiple technicians is the Sydney metro area and surrounds and can 99% Read more…

About Us

Specialising in repairs and servicing for all laser and inkjet printers as well as fax machines, multifunction devices, photocopiers, wide format printers and Read more…


Global Office Machines

91 Victoria Rd Balmain NSW 2115 Australia

Phone: 1300 882 852
Fax: 02 96840099


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